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Mobile Native
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A content discovery solution designed
to enhance your mobile website or native app
and deliver a complete, interactive and
personalized experience.

Make Your
Content a Habit

Results prove that readers using the my6sense bar click through more, stay longer and come back more often.

Create New
Revenue Streams

Enjoy the flexibility to choose your preferred business model, from individually targeted advertising, affiliate sponsorships and/or brand endorsements.

Elegance in Action

The my6sense mobile-native content discovery bar is tactile and fluid.
It makes stagnant text sing to pull your readers in.
Most important, it gives them the content they want so they keep coming back.

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Designed specifically for publishers, the my6sense Content Discovery Bar is a designated section that integrates seamlessly within your existing mobile properties to display and serve more individually relevant content to your readers.

  • Elegant, user-friendly design
  • Mobile-centric solution
  • Individual exploration
  • Serendipitous navigation, for a more engaging user-experience
  • Real-time personalization
  • Powered by the individual
Designed for iOS, Android and Mobile WEB. Supports phone & tablet format.

Simple integration
Integrates seamlessly into mobile web and native mobile apps to automatically deliver more of the content readers want. (In the form of a SDK or JavaScript).

Patent-pending Technology
my6sense is the only patent-pending mobile-native content discovery widget that is solely publisher-focused. Our unique recommendation engine works by learning readers' tastes and behaviors to make recommendations accordingly.
Enjoy the benefits of delivering a better reading experience to your readership while simultaneously monetizing your mobile e-publishing properties.

Key Benefits
for Publishers Include:

  • Increased revenues
  • Increased eCPM
  • Increased retention rates
Monetize your content
We offer publishers a variety of innovative and interactive revenue models optimized for mobile:
  • Create dynamic brand campaigns with our Brand Bar
  • Deliver targeted advertising
  • Deliver targeted merchandise discovery
Keep Mobile Readers Happy
my6sense gives your readers the experience of serendipitous content discovery designed specifically for mobile. my6sense uses behavioral graphing to ascertain what content readers want so you can deliver content recommendations accordingly.
Provide a dynamic reading experience with visuals and links that cater to your readers' individual preferences and tastes. So they not only stay longer but want to come back for more.

Build Stronger Relationships. Increase Profits.
my6sense turns content discovery on your mobile website and native apps into a complete communications experience for your readership. Our attractive and intuitive sliding bar, keeps readers engaged longer to help you drive conversion and increase your profits per reader.
Increase retention, loyalty and revenues on your mobile properties by making your content more relevant and appealing to readers.

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About my6sense

My6sense has been a pioneer in native mobile content personalization and discovery since its inception in 2009. Before shifting its focus to the publishing market, the company built a track record developing business-to-consumer products. The my6sense team brings expertise in individual behavior modeling and implicit search capabilities along with a deep understanding of user experience on mobile. This allows my6sense to better target advertising based upon prediction of user intent, which we like to call "digital intuition".

The my6sense content discovery bar uses patent-pending technology to help publishers optimize and monetize their mobile e-publishing properties. Designed specifically with the mobile publishing industry in mind, the my6sense solution is tailor-made for both native applications and mobile web. The technology integrates seamlessly within existing properties to help make the reader experience more enjoyable, and publishers' mobile offerings more profitable.

Contact us to learn how my6sense can help make your mobile e-publishing business grow.

Avinoam Rubenstain

Hands on high-tech executive and entrepreneur. Prior to founding my6sense, Avinoam was the founding CEO of Arica the leading Ethernet provider for Operators acquired by Nokia Siemens, Rubinstain also served in senior positions at 3Com, and as the General Manager of NiceCom . He was awarded a B.Sc. in Electrical Engineering from the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology.

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